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May 30, 2015


Rolling on the River (the veterans’ paddle) is approaching.

 This year it is going to be held on May 30th.  (Just to clarify, May 30th is not Memorial Day; the Memorial Day weekend is May 23--25 this year.)  Plans for Rolling on the River are moving along nicely and we expect to have a great day.

Lend A Hand

We do, however, have a couple of needs that are becoming somewhat time-critical.  First, we need you. PSC members served as instructors, guides, and all around ambassadors for our first-ever Rolling on the River last year, and we need you to step forward again this year. You will have a wonderful day; we promise!

More Seats For Vets

At this time we have places for 42 veterans.  We need eight (8) more seats for veterans. If you can bring an extra boat--or even a tandem boat that you can share with a vet--that would be great.  We would like to be able to serve 50 vets this year; we need your help to do that.

Life Jackets For Every Body

Even more important is our need for PFDs.  College of DuPage disposed of its older and less reliable life jackets recently, so they can provide only about 20 PFDs. So we need you to dig into your storage lockers and bring your extra PFDs to the float. If you can lend a veteran a PFD for the paddle, please do so.  If you have multiple PFDs to lend, that’s even better.

We know you are going to step up to this task; we need to hear from you ASAP.

Please contact Bill Kessler

We need you to do this right away because we have reached the time when we must publicize this event to the veterans, and we don’t want to accept more vets than we can serve.  If you can lend us PFDs but you can’t attend the event, we will make arrangements to pick up and return the PFDs.

Thank you for considering this.  We hope to see you on the 30th.
Steve LaPorte